Let’s Have A Party!!

Angie and I like to host big events and we believe in feeding people. It is part of Angie’s Italian heritage, so these events always have food. Either we make the food or it is a potluck. Having food at an event usually means some kind of waste. There is an assortment of party products available like paper plates, plastic utensils, paper napkins, and plastic cups that encourage the creation of waste. It is relatively easy for a family to avoid waste like this on the day to day, but what do you do if you have a big gathering (like 40-80 people)?


We wrestled with this as a family trying to be environmentally conscious and “zero-waste”. What we have done for large family gatherings (like Thanksgiving or birthdays), yoga teacher training weekends, and big events like John deKadt playing in our studio. We have a set of decent reusable plastic plates and bowls, a second set of inexpensive silverware, a vast assortment of cups, cloth napkins, a large glass water dispenser, and a couple of folding tables. It was a small investment but even when the groups are large – like over 50 at our house, we do all the dishes by hand and run the napkins through the laundry. We compost all the food scraps, and at the end of the night we haven’t added a thing to our trash cans.


I wont deny that there is planning and labor involved, however there is satisfaction in knowing that our get-togethers do not add to the landfill.


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