Trash One Week

The picture above represents this past week’s trash. There is branded packaging – Gardein, Daiya, Tempeh, Hemp Seeds, and Inari (Tofu Skin) wrappers. There is a package from the mail. Some mystery plastic bags and the tops to ziplock type bags. Most of what you see here we did not have to buy. Our daughters like to make the Gardein veggie balls for their school lunches. We have made our own but the girls do not like them as much. So buying them is a concession. We have tried making our own Inari wrappers – that was an EPIC FAIL!! And we have tried buying them in a can but the taste was not as good.

What amazes me is that these choices meet little resistance from our girls. In fact, I asked Ellessia just now about this and she said “even though Inari is my favorite food, it makes trash, so I don’t need to eat it all the time. It makes it special, like a treat.” 

Angie wrote letters to Gardein expressing our love for their products but our dissatisfaction with their packaging. We haven’t heard back. They are a treat as well.

The two pens are for insulin. We used to be able to buy cartridges and recycle those, but our insurance policy changed and will no longer pay for cartridges that fit our reusable injectors. Instead we have to have all this extra non-recyclable plastic for the two types of insulin Isabella needs to use. She could tell the difference, could feel it, the first time she used it and it wasn’t for the better. Supposedly this costs less, maybe for the Insurance Company, but not for us and definitely not for the EARTH. I have been on the phone multiple times with the Insurance Company regarding this. You can imagine their response.

As weeks go, this was pretty average. I do this examination fairly often to see if there is anything we can cut out entirely. We discuss it as a family. We make the choice as a family. As it is, it will be weeks before I take a large bag of trash to the landfill and with some work maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a way to replace some of the packaged items with more Earth Friendly options.

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