Getting Take Out

We usually cook our own meals at home, however we love ordering take out. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, any kind of Asian Fusion food will do. It is easy to get all vegan options and it feels like a treat. What we don’t love is the ubiquitous Styrofoam containers and the plastic bag surrounding the paper bag. Getting take out always seemed like we were not just buying a meal, but buying a side of trash as well.

What do you do?

This is how we approach most of our waste problems. We look at where the waste is being generated and we come up with a potential solution and try it out. This is our Take Out solution:

We have four sets of stainless steal tiffins. Bought originally to carry our lunches but that is for another post. We ask the take out place if they will put the food in our tiffins and our own shopping bag. We ask that whatever doesn’t fit into our containers be put into recyclable plastic or aluminum containers, please no Styrofoam and no plastic bags. We have yet to meet any sort of resistance to this request. You don’t need tiffins to do this, Tupperware or other food containers will probably work.

What about when you call ahead?

We request no Styrofoam containers and no plastic bags. Usually the restaurant will honor this request.

We have done the same with leftovers at a restaurant. We just fill our own container. We actually leave a tiffin in the car for this purpose.

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