Getting Your Man to Read Your Mind

Getting your man to read your mind


Josh has been doing a wonderful job documenting how we grocery shop. It is not rocket science. When it is time to grocery shop, most people might say “oh- time to shop”, and maybe at best they grudgingly make a list and head off to the store. We do the same, only we also gather our cloth bags, our jars, and then it’s off to the store. It probably takes about 1-2 more minutes, at most.

I believe the key to many of our simple lifestyle practices is to think ahead and have a system. We keep a shelf in the kitchen for the empty bulk food jars. When we run out of our bulk rice crackers, or nuts, I simply place the empty jar on that one designated shelf in the cabinet. We slowly collect all the empty jars all week. Then, when it is time to go shopping, we simply open the shelf and place all the jars in one bag.

There are other benefits to the shelf collecting jar. Just this past week, we ran out of nutritional yeast (a powdery yeast and natural B-12 source that gives food a cheesy taste). The nutritional yeast container is not a glass jar. It is a plastic nutritional yeast container that we now refill from the bulk bins. When the container was empty, I simply placed it on the “empty” shelf. Josh went grocery shopping while I was occupied with yoga teacher training all weekend. We didn’t discuss what we needed before he left. But he saw the empty jar in the cabinet and knew we needed nutritional yeast. When I went to make cashew cheese this morning, I thought to myself “Oh no, I didn’t tell Josh we needed nutritional yeast!” But when I looked in the spice cabinet, the container was full. No more guess work, no confusion. There are many often unforeseen benefits to having such systems in place. It was as though I finally got him to read my mind.



5 thoughts on “Getting Your Man to Read Your Mind

  1. Learning how to communicate without talking is also high on our list of marital priorities since John’s surgery. To do so lovingly and respectfully and clearly is even better. 🙂


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