The Five R’s

I am a notoriously bad shopper. One of my least favorite things to do is browse in a store. Even stores I am supposed to enjoy, like a guitar shop or a record store, are difficult for me to be in for any length of time. When I do go into a shop, it is usually with my purchase in mind and I am just looking to see if they have it. When they don’t I leave promptly and go about my day.

Working towards a Zero-Waste lifestyle has actually made shopping a lot easier for me because packaging becomes part of the equation.

We follow these Five R’s.

Refuse.    The first step in making less waste is not buying things that create waste in the first place. Just by looking at the packaging I can eliminate entire isles of the grocery store from consideration.

Reduce. Buy what you need. Look for Quality  over Quantity.

Reuse. Can the item be used again or repurposed for something else. We sometimes buy local maple syrup in  Mason Jars because we can reuse the  mason jar as a container in the future.

Rot. Compost food waste.

Recycle. This is the last resort, especially with plastics. Most recycled plastic is turned into things that can not be recycled or reused and end up as landfill or worse. So if I can’t get it any other way, and we need it, then plastic it is. We groan about it because reducing our recycling is a goal.

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4 thoughts on “The Five R’s

    1. Paula, just start. There are lots of ways to go about it, wordpress is great. Figuring out what you want to blog about is pretty important. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in these posts when I started them on Instagram, but I have heard from lots of people that they really find them useful. I wanted to expand the voice to include Angie and my daughters, so a blog seemed like the natural progression. I look forward to seeing what you do!!


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