Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The alarm goes off at 4:50 am. We lie in bed for another 10 minutes and then stumble our way into the bathroom. Like most Americans, we take a shower, and like most Americans, we use shampoo and conditioner.

We buy shampoo and conditioner in Bulk at our Co-Op. We fill our own containers. Sometimes the bulk price is more than the same product packaged. At times like that we just make a decision based on available finances. We make recycling and it is done. However, if we know we are going to a place that sells the shampoo in bulk at a cheaper price, then we bring our big containers and fill up. Our teenage girls really like the bulk shampoo/conditioner, so it works for the Angie and the girls.

I don’t use shampoo because I am bald. However, I shave my head every morning. I use a bar of soap that is locally made, doesn’t have any packaging, and smells like almonds. It lasts months and cost me a couple of dollars. (Support your local soap maker!!)

I use the same Harry’s razor with replaceable razor heads for my head and face. In fact, I was gifted a second one by the company and the girls used it once (not on their heads or faces….). and decided they liked it better than whatever marketed “female” razor they were using. That makes it really easy because the same heads fit both razors. It comes in totally recyclable cardboard packaging and it saves us money (yeah!!).

I have a brush and an old coffee cup with a shaving bar soap inside. The shaving soap is called Urban Cowboy. It comes in a small recyclable cardboard container and no shrink wrap liner or other plastic protection. I found that I liked the simplicity of that old system. I am not dependent on a chemical shaving gel in a metal can with a propellant, or a squeezable plastic container. 

Because of these systems very little waste or recycling comes from our washing, grooming, and styling needs. I’ll have to ask Angie to share how she makes “hair gel” and “deodorant” in another post.

Until then, Thanks for Reading!!!




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