The Beauty of Gray

Angie and Josh

Angie and I have been a couple since she was 14 and I was 16, so, we know each other pretty well. I was a metal head with long and curly hair that at times reached all the way down my back. Angie wore her long hair with all the lift AquaNet could give.

In my college years, I started just pulling it back in a pony tail. In my twenties, I started loosing my hair on top so I cut it short. By my mid thirties, I was shaving my head completely. That was quite a decision but she supported me in it even though it was a pretty drastic change.

Angie found her first gray hairs in her early twenties. She started dying her hair with henna. After our daughters were born, the henna wasn’t quite covering it, so she moved to stronger dyes. Recently she has made the decision to go gray. I fully support her decision to be a “Silver Fox.” You can follow her transformation on her blog

When I shaved my head, I let go of a piece of my identity. But I also let go of other things as well. Brushes, Combs, Hair Ties, Styling Products, Blow Dryers, Shampoos, and Conditioners were no longer things I had to concern myself with. A razor and shaving soap was all I needed and I never had a bad hair day.

My hair style choice was immediately accepted.

Aside from the obvious change in appearance, one of the most difficult parts of deciding to Go Gray is that it is not as socially accepted for women to be gray until they are “old” or “retired.” I have even heard of employment pressure to color your hair so you look younger. For Angie this is a major change as she is not even sure what her “real” hair color looks like. The best I can do is support her and love the woman that she is. One thing is for sure, we wont miss spending the time and money on the chemicals in the hair dye, the bottles, the little plastic gloves, or the plastic hair net. 

As Frank Zappa said “Who cares if hair is long or short or sprayed or partly grayed, we know that hair ain’t where it’s at.”

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