Attachment, Independence, and Zero-Waste

The other day I read a scientific study on the water footprint of a single serving .5L sugar sweetened carbonated beverage (this is basically a 16 oz bottle). Depending on the sweetener and the location of the sweetener’s origin, between 150-300L of water are used to make one .5L bottle of soda.

I wasn’t really surprised, it just made me pause because so much fresh water is used to make something that has a negative nutritional value. Then, if we are lucky, the empty bottle ends up in the recycling. So not only are the contents not really good for you, neither is the package.


I remember when I stopped drinking soda regularly. I was in my twenties and I loved Dr. Pepper. I would sip on one while teaching private guitar lessons. I knew it wasn’t really good for me to drink a bottle or two of soda a day, so I chose a healthier “bubbly” substitute. San Pellegrino and Poland Springs carbonated waters became my go to beverages.


At first, not drink soda every day  was difficult. However, after a while I stopped craving the caffeine, sugar, and the flavor. I lost well over 10 pounds just by cutting out the soda.

(Zero Waste)

Bottled beverages are expensive in comparison to tap water and when you’re buying a bottle or two a day it begins to add up . I eventually started carrying a refillable water bottle from home instead of buying water in a plastic bottle.

When I made the shift from soda to water in my twenties, I did it for health reasons not environmental ones. When I made the shift from buying bottled water to using a refillable water bottle, I did it for financial reasons. But it all ties together. Simple changes in what we consume have dramatic effects on our health, our finances, and the health of the planet.

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