The last time I took a standard 30-gallon trash bag to the landfill was on December 17th, 2016. It weighed twelve pounds; most of the weight came from scraps of tile from a new floor we put in the bedroom. Our current bag of trash, which includes waste from our Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations, is going to be 8 weeks old this weekend. I do not expect to take it to the landfill, as the bag is not yet full. Another piece of information that I haven’t shared is that our total home waste also includes our business waste from Angie’s Yoga Teacher Training and weekly yoga classes that happen at our house.

(Read Let’s have a Party)

We’re not at zero, not even close, but our girls seem to have adopted many of the lifestyle habits that make it possible to make significantly less trash. For example:

When they get ready for school in the morning, they pack their own homemade lunches in “bento boxes.” To help, I start sushi rice in the rice cooker around 5:30 am and it is ready for them by 6:15 am. Ellessia cooks Gardein veggie balls in a sauce on the stove and Bella will cut up scallions and peppers. They take the time to make artistic arrangements of their lunches before they eat breakfast. They carry a water bottle and a little tin to hold extra snacks like maple walnuts. Making their own lunch empowers them to do their own cooking, meal planning, saves us school lunch costs, and the waste of prepackaged commercial “lunch” and “snack” options. As an added bonus, their lunches look super cute!!

A colleague of mine said, “This zero-waste thing is fine in the hypothetical but you can’t expect all of us to live this way.” It is not my intention to coerce anyone into lifestyle choices that make their lives complicated and uncomfortable. Instead documenting the little things that work for our family may help others reduce their contributions to the landfill and the recycling bin. After all it is not hypothetical if you are actually doing it.

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