Trash Week 8

The Picture above represents this past week’s trash. Our recycling and landfill center is only open on Saturdays, so every Saturday morning I sort the recycling and the trash. As I said in my previous post (read Hypothetical), this weekend is our 8th week without taking a bag of trash to the landfill. Our total trash currently weighs 4 lbs.

So we’re making 8 oz of trash a week. What do we have to do to reduce that? Gardein veggie balls, Litelife tofu pups, and the locally made seitan we buy would have to go. But the reality is that would be unfair to us and our daughters who use those things in their school lunches and sometimes we use them in our diners. We need a vegan butcher!!

The important thing is the choices are conscious. Sometimes grocery shopping is like shopping by reflex. You walk down the isles and you grab the same things week after week. Once we started examining our purchases for their recyclability or trash potential it added that extra second or two of pause. Then we would consider “Do we really want this in this container?” “Is there another way we can get this?” “Can we put this in our own container?” “Can we make this?” “Do we want to make this?” “Do we even need this?” and sometimes we’d say “Let’s have a treat!” And coconut ice cream wrappers would fly!!(read The Five R’s)

The choices are made consciously not by reflex. Eventually, the shift over to carrying our own bags and containers is a bit like reflex. We’ve memorized PLU Codes and tare weights and Angie has taught me to read her mind (read Getting Your Man to Read Your Mind). In many ways our shopping life is easier, cheaper, and healthier. The bonus that we are making a lot less trash is just the cherry on top!

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