Did You Remember Your Reusable Shopping Bags?

The other day I received a shopping list text from Angie. This is a fairly normal occurrence as our Co-Op and Hannafords is on my way home for work. When I got to the Co-Op, I open the door to grab my shopping bags out of the back of the car and they were not there!! I had forgotten to put them back after the last time I went shopping. The shopping list contained Kale, Apples, and Potatoes – things I would normally put in little cloth bags – and I did not want to put them in the little plastic bags in the produce section or buy new cloth bags I didn’t need just to avoid the plastic. I also did not want to make another trip, wasting fuel, time, and energy.

Most stores have little plastic baskets to help you carry items through the store. I grabbed one and proceeded to fill it with all the items I needed. When I got to the check out, I told the cashier that I would just put the items back in the basket so I don’t need a bag. I did this both at the Co-Op and Hannafords and neither cashier had a problem with my request. I walked the basket and items out to my car and put them in the back seat (See the Photo). I carried the plastic basket back to the store. When I arrived at home, I grabbed my shopping bags, filled them from my back seat and carried the items into the house.

All the items on the list made it home safe and sound. Doing this didn’t really take any longer, I didn’t make any trash, I didn’t buy any unnecessary cloth bags due to my forgetfulness, and I did not have to waste fuel, energy, or time making another trip.

Thanks for reading,


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