Glamour Camping

I graduated from the Ithaca College Conservatory and Angie and I wanted to share this wonderful city and the Gorges, especially Lucifer Falls, with our daughters. The last time we had been to Ithaca was during Angie’s pregnancy with our oldest daughter, Isabella. In August, we spent a week renting an RV at a campground just outside of Ithaca, NY.

We brought as much of our own food as we could knowing that there was a refrigerator and a stove. We packed our rice cooker, vita-mix, a couple of pans, and the teapot. We even had some of our jars, shopping bags, and a container for compost. We kept the compost container in the fridge so the bugs wouldn’t find it. We separated our recycling and trash into separate bags. Just because we were on vacation didn’t mean the zero-waste living stopped.

Ithaca has an awesome Co-Op, as well as, a huge grocery store called Wegmans, so replenishing our supplies was not expensive or difficult. The Co-Op had municipal compost bins so we emptied our compost from the RV into these bins every couple of days. We were really happy about that since the idea of carrying our food scraps for the week with us back to New Hampshire was not particularly appealing.

One of our indulgences was eating at the Star Truck, a vegan food truck that serves up delicious comfort food. Her “Garbage Nachos” were so good that we decided to eat there twice during the week. Out of all the places to eat in Ithaca, we would return just for the Star Truck. Unfortunately, we did not bring our tiffins to put the food in, so on those two occasions we had to throw away paper plates, and plastic forks. Next time.

A lot goes into planning a family vacation and with a little extra prep we were able to minimize the impact on the area landfills and support the systems that the community had put into place to create healthy topsoil.

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