That Sounds Like a Lot of Work

I have heard this a few times in discussions about zero-waste. Our experience as a family would actually suggest the opposite is true. It turns out to be less work over-all, saves time, and quite possibly saves money.

Let’s take a look at my favorite super easy, time, work, and money saver:

The Travel Mug

The purpose of the travel mug is to carry beverages of all kinds when you are anywhere that is not home. Why do most Americans leave home each day? To go to work! Most Americans drink coffee and single use coffee containers are a ubiquitous sight at the work place. Therefore, they are also a significant source of trash. Even if you clean it out and recycle it (raise your hand up if you do this with every recyclable single use container), it is still a drain on precious resources.

Making an effort to use a travel mug, even one or two days out of the week, would significantly cut down on the amount of single use containers a person throws away. Just go to your favorite coffee shop and ask them to put your coffee in the travel mug.

Although I personally do not drink coffee, it is possible to brew outstanding cups of coffee using a Bodum (French Press), fill your travel mug, compost the grounds, wash out the Bodum, and be on your way to work. Angie did this for years before quitting coffee. We still have the Bodum for our coffee-drinking guests.

This saves you time = waiting in line at the drive through or in the café (who’s got time for that?)

Saves you money = the cost per-cup is significantly cheaper.

Work = yes, you are doing the work, but it is less work over all when you figure in all the effort needed to produce and deliver the single use container in the first place.

Easy = Just buy a travel mug appealing to you and use it.

I use a Kleen Kanteen. I love it because it is stainless steel. I can drop it and it wont break. It keeps my beverages hot or cold all day. Its price tag may seem expensive but when I think of it in terms of cost per use, it is a bargain compared to single use containers.

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