Begin With Less

Hopefully we are selling our house. Moving has the potential for creating an awful lot of trash. When we sold our first home, we had accumulated 10 years worth of stuff in our attic. The old and broken stuff we thought we would fix or need someday seemed multiply year after year in that attic. The house we bought did not have an attic and we were glad. It forced us to start shedding.

And shed we did. But even so, we packed our current home with tons of stuff. And then we went to India. Seeing the incredible poverty but simple and joyful life with essentially none of the trappings of our lives changed the way we looked at our possessions. We began shedding again.

Books, book cases, CD’s, DVD’s, a wardrobe, end tables, entertainment center, tools, kitchen utensils, appliances, electronics, clothes, and toys. We all made the effort to fill bags and donate or sell the things that were clogging up our lives. This wasn’t trash it was just stuff. Stuff we didn’t need but could be useful to someone else.

As we prepare for what is in store for us in the coming months and the future years, we are looking around at things we need in our current situation but probably wont need where ever we end up. Identifying those items is tricky, as you cannot really predict the future. Will I need a chainsaw and all of the items necessary for a chainsaw and its maintenance? Will I even be spitting wood? I have no idea yet. But I am not attached to it so if I can find a good home for it that isn’t mine, I will.

Furniture is a little easier as space becomes the deciding factor. Over the years we have come to place significant value on empty spaces and the peace of mind they bring.

So we are not sure what the future will hold and how much of our current possessions will make it into our next phase of our lives. One thing is for certain; the next phase will begin with less.

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3 thoughts on “Begin With Less

  1. If it has a purpose in homesteading your broseph will store it at his place. If you should ever decide you need it…you know where to find it.


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