How I Spent $99 (The Art of Not Buying v.1.5)


We always do our taxes during my school’s February Break. It is a complicated endeavor that can take hours and accountants are expensive, so we do it ourselves. If it was just my teaching income, then we could fill out the 1040ez. However, I am also a gigging musician and songwriter, and Angie is a fine artist who teaches yoga in two states and out of our home. Last year, I considered buying Turbo Tax to speed things up. Upon investigation it became clear I would need to buy the pricey $99 version of the program. Seems like a lot of money for forms I can print for free, I still have to enter all the data, and there is always a learning curve with new software.

I was looking at several hours worth of work now matter how I sliced it. My decision hinged on the fact that Turbo Tax is a one time use program. That $99 was only good for that year’s taxes. I ended up deciding that I would do the taxes myself and as a reward, spend the $99 to upgrade my recording software from Studio One 2 Professional to Studio One 3 Professional. Coincidentally, the upgrade costs $99.

The way I looked at it, I could spend $99 to possibly help me do something miserable once (taxes) or I could spend $99 on something that would definitely give me real joy for years. From my perspective, it was money well spent!


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