Moving Trash


We are in the process of selling our house. A lovely time when everything you own is wrapped carefully and placed in boxes. It is a time of sorting and packing and for us moving most things into a storage facility. It is also a time of discovering all the things you forgot you had. It is a time to practice non-attachment.

If you know Angie and I at all outside of this blog, then you know we have been culling our stuff for years now. Last week, as boxes started to pile up all over the house, we realized we grossly underestimated the amount of storage space we might need. Luckily, because storage is hard to come by, we were able to find something that would allow us to put all of our stuff in one big room.

The trips have begun and a dear friend has been there to help with his truck. What a blessing this was as not everything can Fit in a Honda Fit. * However, I have managed to fit an incredible amount of stuff into our Fit!!!!

With all of this packing and moving there must be some trash. There always is with moving. So far we have thrown away 5 of those white kitchen bags filled with detritus. This is the broken stuff that can’t be donated or recycled that ends up at the bottom of drawers or forgotten in nooks and crannies. Mostly there is tons of recycling: primarily metals and paper.

The big trash/recycling items we had to deal with was our chicken coop, two old bed frames that have seen 3 generations of children sleep on them but had finally reached their end, a tire, and some basement rugs. We have some paint that we are storing in a garage until a hazardous waste day comes around.

This was the last weekend that I could get rid of any trash and recycling before we have to take it with us. We are taking enough with us, we don’t need to move any trash.



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