Vegan Family Moves into Cheese Factory

A month ago we moved into a cheese factory. At least that was the house’s first function. Over the years the first floor changed from being the place farmers dropped off their milk to the town garage, a horse stable, a cabinet maker’s workshop, a fitness studio and a custom bicycle shop and now it is the home of Angie’s Yoga and Art Studios. The second floor is the primary living space complete with a wood stove and beautiful woodwork. The third floor was a cabinet maker’s showroom with a gorgeous view of the back yard and is now my Recording Studio. After a month of moving all of our stuff, plumbing, scrubbing, painting, polying, cutting, installing, framing, and putting up molding, we are finally at a place where we can sit back a little and enjoy our new home.

Our third house. It is not the little solar home we envisioned maybe a year ago. It is like we landed in a space that was designed for us. It is like it said “I’ll be your walls if you’re willing finish me and keep me up.” We could never be truly happy in a tiny house, or even in a space that was “just a house”. We have too many space needs. Where would Angie run her teacher trainings and yoga classes?? – Right!! She’d have to rent a space, drive to it, and be restricted by the rules of owner. Where would Angie make her beautiful handmade paper and macrame Art?? Where would I record?? Oh sure I have set up in closets and basements, but that sucked – and where do I keep my gear?? What we wanted was a space that could comfortably hold all of these things and our family. That would be functional for all the elements of our lifestyle. The fact that it is on a main road, has a nice manageable yard that is perfect for gardening with two brooks on either side (a dream Angie has had for years), wood heat, a “basement” that is perfect for our root cellar, and an attached garage is all bonus. It is all the things we wished our previous houses could have been.

When we sold our home in April, we did not know where we were going to land. We had nowhere to move into. None of the houses we saw were right for us.  This house, the cheese factory, was not something we had even looked it. It was a leap of faith to put everything in storage and move in with our parents (thank you Dennis and Maria) while we looked for the right house. Those four months taught us a lot about what we value and the value of faith. That when you put your mind to something and you’re willing to work tirelessly for it and you have the support of your family around you, the right things will come along. For us it came in the form of an 1890’s cheese factory in Brownsville, VT. No, we didn’t downsize……..we upsized the dream and…..

A vegan family moved into a cheese factory……..





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