I have been creating a new album these past 3 months and it going to be released on January 2nd 2018!!  It is called “This Side of the Mountain” and you can hear the first single “Gratitude”  now and it is FREE to download for a limited time just type 0.00 for the price and it is yours!!

I have written a little bit about making the album on this blog Workspace, Time Management, and the Absence of Social MediaThe Secret GlueThe Creative Value of Limited Choices, and Time Spent Well Spent? and I believe the process of creating this music and the resulting album reaffirm all that I have been sharing in this blog. In our daily life, we work hard as a family to be zero waste and embrace a simple life while trying to slow down and notice our consumption habits. I haven’t written about how we try to buy as much as possible from the bulk bins at our Co-Ops recently but part of me wonders how often I should write about reusable grocery bags and jars?? Really the point of all of this is a mindset that permeates our daily life.

We are currently repurposing our new home, a former cheese factory among many other things, and making it through our first real Winter cold spell. Finding all the gaps and drafts, updating heating systems, and making it more efficient is an integral part of how we live. Living in a space that not only supports our needs but invigorates us creatively is a blessing. I can not put this into words easily and that is why I made an album.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley. 

Thank You for Reading,


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